Faculty of Health Sciences

 Mission Vision

“Being one of the WORLD UNIVERSITIES that create value on the path of continuous development”


Its mission is
To make its city, society and humanity more valuable,
To consider education, research and community service activities as its main duty,
To come together with the people who have merit and use resources effectively and accountably for a good, equitable and sustainable world,
To be an institution that believes in science ethics and freedom in its activities,
To be an institution that is dominated by an internalized culture of quality and tolerance,
To be an institution that develops itself physically, digitally, socially, culturally and psychologically.

Commitment to Ataturk's Principles and the Basic Values ​​of the Republic
Scientific Autonomy and Approach
Participatory Governance and Transparency
Continuous Improvement and Innovation
Human, Environment and Social Responsibility Awareness
Freedom of Thought and Expression
Institutional Culture
Encouraging Entrepreneurship, Team Spirit and Interdisciplinary Studies
Respect and Commitment to Universal Ethical Values
Promoting Human Rights, Respecting Diversity and Being Sensitive to Equal Opportunity
Improvement and Development of Education Quality
Developing the Competencies of the Academic Staff
Research Opportunities, Development of Project, Publication and Patent Studies
Improving the Efficiency and Productivity of Faculty Management